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Ngesti Sarah. Always know and believe that something amazing is about to happen. Forever young!
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4 happy years with him →


I am truly thankful for him <3

We didn’t really do anything today because we have a take home midterm, what a great way to spend our anniversary huh? -.-

But I enjoyed the spa, it was very relaxing, it also took my mind off of some things that I’ve been stressed about. I surprised him, and his…

Happy 4 Year Anniversary Baby. <3 →


So, today marks the day that we have been together for 4 years.

Holy shit babe, can you believe it?

It’s crazy to think that I am in love with such an amazing person and he loves me back. I remember the days when we used to be best buds and nothing more. I always secretly liked you, but knew you…

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I’ve sold out of prints now. I think I’m going to do a print of one of the other ones at some point, rather than reprint the same one again.

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